Be Heard.

We support the growth of brands by improving their product line and manufacturing process. Through our R&D, we present ideal avenues for you label to expand while still focusing on your core values. Our expertise in manufacturing follows through with efficient methods of fabrication and logistics.

What do we do?

Design. Develop. Deliver.


Silk’n is the global leader in professional aesthetic devices for home use. They have claimed a larger presence in the North American market with our support of an accessories line to compliment their many devices.

Australian International Olympic Committee by Karbon

When you have the eyes of the world on you, your priority is to perform at you highest level. Leave it to Karbon to keep you looking on point and us to set the trends your performance inspires.


The original office solution management machine! The one thing that works harder then you. We work with their international sales force and created sought after incentives for their internal teams. Long live Xerox!

In The Cut {Startup}

Startups! Stop incubating, lets get your vision to the masses! We love working with your creative energy, and bringing fresh ideas to our production process. Do it right, do it strong, we won’t produce anything if we don’t love it first!


A balance of function, design and performance makes finding a Karbon garment to compliment an active life style the obvious choice. State of the art fabrics bring the desired utility to beauty and form. Developing accessories to compliment their line so consumers can satisfy their demands.


Moosehead is Canada's oldest independent brewery. They have mastered the art of crafting premium beers since 1867. Even with their large diversity of consumers, their strong core branding unites them all. Adding perceived value to their product is a tried and true strategy. Scream Shot is proud to continuously help Moosehead promote and add value to their brand.
Zound Industries
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